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Caring for your "Classy Pen" 

Wood Pens

Our classy Pens are polished to an extreme shine.  This shine brings out the natural beauty that mother nature intended and should be preserved.  Each of our pens is coated with a friction polish that will protect it to a point.  However, our own natural body oils will dull this shine with normal use.

Try to protect your pen when not in use.
Extreme heat tends to dry the wood out and create cracks and destroy the luster of the pen. 
Moisture will make the wood swell and destroy or warp the material.  Exposure to direct sunlight can harm the finish or change the color in some woods.

Carrying your pen in a pocket full of coins or keys is not condusive to the beauty of a fine writing instrument.


We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the finest quality acrylics from our suppliers.
However,Acrylic Acetate is a hard substance and is hard to work with it also tends to be brittle if dropped.  Try not to bang the pen or drop to avoid cracking or shattering.
Cleaning Care

Use a clean dry cloth to wipe your pen down.  A good furniture polish works well to bring out the shine after heavy use. 
Do not use an abrasive cleaner on your pen.

Replacement Ink Cartridges 

Slimline, Euro, and Twist ball point pens can be replaced with "Cross" refills available at any office supply.

Rollerball pens use "Parker" refills.

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