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According to native American Cherokee legend, the rattlesnake was originally very timid and harmless and greatly abused by other animals. Rabbit, in particular, picked on Rattlesnake, teasing him, tying him in knots, and throwing him around the campfire. One day the Sun God felt sorry for Rattlesnake and gave him venom and powerful jaws but told him he must always rattle first. The next night when Rabbit began pestering Rattlesnake again, the snake rattled and bit Rabbit. Since that time, the rattlesnake has been greatly feared.  The snakes skin was worn to ward off enemys and give the wearer extra strength.  It may not ward off enemys, but this pen will definately make them slow down to look at it.  The pen is crafted with 24k gold hardware and uses a Parker refill.  The pen is a double twist ballpoint that is very easy to care for and maintain.  No matter where your from, you will be sure to be the only one in the office with this usable work of art.

Item #RATUL001

Price $125.00 

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